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School Events

22nd November - I-Sing Pop

iSing Pop is at our school to introduce the children to the songs they will be performing for the Christmas concerts. This exciting event will give the students the opportunity to learn and practice the songs in preparation for the festive performances. It's a wonderful chance for them to engage with music and showcase their talent.

21st November Girls Floorball Matches at Chipping Campden School

Our Floorball Team competed in two friendly matches and one league match at Chipping Campden School, showcasing remarkable performance. They dominated their league match with a 6-0 victory, with a seventh goal disallowed. The team's boundless energy was evident, and I am truly proud of their significant progress and unwavering determination.

21st November Girls Football Matches at Evesham United 

Both of our girls' teams displayed commendable effort at Evesham United against our friends from Elmley Castle. The first team secured a 5-2 victory, while the second team, despite a last-minute goal against them, exhibited great skill. We are exceptionally proud of all 20 girls from Years 4 and 5 for their sportsmanship and determination on the field.

Open Day 22nd November 

We were immensely proud of our Year 5 children who confidently and articulately showcased our school to prospective parents on our Open Day. Their knowledge and poise were truly impressive, reflecting the quality of education they received. They embody the excellence we strive for at our school. I was really proud of them all.


Year 4 had a visit from Rainforest Dave Friday 17th November 2023

Year 4 had an exciting visit from Rainforest Dave, who shared captivating stories about his experiences in the rainforest. The children's eyes sparkled with wonder as they held millipedes and even a tarantula! It was a hands-on and educational adventure that brought the rainforest to life. Dave's visit ignited their curiosity and deepened their understanding of the incredible biodiversity and importance of conservation in these remarkable ecosystems.

Children In Need Day Friday 17th November 2023

Children in Need Day was a delightful sight as the entire school embraced the theme of spots or non-uniform. The school was filled with an array of vibrant colours and dots. It was a day where individuality and fun merged to support a great cause. The students radiated joy and enthusiasm, proudly displaying their unique styles. Their collective effort in raising awareness and funds for children in need showcased the true spirit of compassion, kindness and giving.

Year 4 and Year 5 Cross Country Wednesday 15th November 2023

The Year 4 and Year 5 children recently participated in a thrilling cross-country competition, and their performance was nothing short of remarkable. With determination and endurance, they pushed themselves to the limit, representing our school with pride. The hard work paid off as they returned triumphant, adorned with a multitude of shiny medals. Their achievements were a testament to their dedication, perseverance, and teamwork. Not only did they showcase their physical abilities, but they also displayed the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The entire school community is delighted and inspired by their success, and we congratulate them on their outstanding performance. Well done, Year 4 and Year 5! 

Floorball Tuesday 14th November 2023

"Floorball is a fast-paced and exhilarating sport that combines the thrill of hockey with the accessibility of indoor play."

We have 2 teams a Mixed (Boys and Girls) and a Girls' Team.

On Tuesday we played 4 matches and won 2 and lost two, which puts us third in the league. Jacob scored a hatrick in one of the games.

Monday 13th November Anti Bullying Week - Odd Sock Day

The entire school came together in a vibrant display of unity and acceptance for an "Odd Sock Day" to acknowledge Anti-Bullying Week. It was a day filled with colourful chaos as students, teachers, and staff proudly wore mismatched socks, symbolising the celebration of diversity and individuality. The event aimed to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their differences. Through this light hearted gesture, the school conveyed a powerful message that bullying has no place in our community. It was heart warming to see the smiles, laughter, and supportive interactions amongst children, reinforcing the notion that embracing our unique qualities is what truly makes us special but 'together we shine brighter'.

School Disco Friday 10th November 2023

"Last week, we hosted an unforgettable disco party for our little stars at the Halloween Disco for our First School Children. The event was filled with captivating music, dazzling lights, and exciting dance moves. The children had a blast as they grooved and danced the night away. It was a memorable experience for all the little children and the KS2 kids!"

Thank you to the FOSS who organised this event.

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