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Our Curriculum

Phonics and Early Reading 2022

At Sedgeberrow First School, we give high priority to the teaching of phonics as we know that reading is an essential life skill that underpins all aspects of learning and development. We aim to inspire our pupils to develop a love of reading and enable them to become lifelong readers who confidently access all learning opportunities through their secure knowledge of reading. We aim to teach high quality phonics to ensure the children have the best start possible in reading and writing. Phonics is the beginning of children’s body of knowledge, skills and understanding that are an essential part of learning to read and write. 

The teaching of phonics is to be based on our school Phonics Curriculum Design. Sounds taught should be ‘pure’ ie. ‘b’, not ‘buh’ as this is central to phonic teaching and the ability to recognise sounds in words. Phonics is taught discretely on a daily basis and is an integral part of teaching and learning. The phonic sessions consist of reviewing, teaching, practising and applying.

We use the Department for Education’s accredited phonic scheme ‘Bug Club Phonics’ to plan and deliver lessons. Bug Club Phonics is a whole school systematic synthetic phonic programme (SSP) which is used in Reception and Key Stage 1. 

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Head Teacher: Mr Phil Croke
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