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Little Big Learners After School Childcare


The after school childcare that most children from Sedgeberrow First School choose as after school care is Little Big Learners Ltd.

The after school club receive the children from the School at 3.15pm and staff in the Hall. The postcode is WR11 7UE.

Little Big Learners understand that life can be extremely busy and fast paced. Their aim is to assist busy working families by providing comprehensive and engaging after school childcare clubs that, not only satisfies the dilemma of managing school pick ups and working hours but, will also assist family life by supporting children in the quest to self manage school commitments and academic achievements​.

​To contact staff during operating hours please call: 07368496677
To record absences or amend bookings please email:


If your child attends an after school club, arranged by the first school, Little Big Learners can also collect your child at 4pm from the school.

Additional Information:

The service is available until 6pm. If extended hours are required then please get in touch and we will discuss the options. The bookings and rates can be calculated on half hourly rates if booked accordingly.


Contact Us

Head Teacher: Mr Phil Croke
Main Street, Sedgeberrow, WR117UE