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Our Curriculum


At Sedgeberrow CE First School we are passionate about the learning and teaching of English. Through spoken English, reading and writing children learn to communicate effectively, share and research information, expand their factual knowledge, travel to imaginary worlds and express their creativity.

In this section you will be able to find out about our English Curriculum Offer for reading and writing, which showcases our intentions for this subject, how we implement effective learning and teaching and measure the impact to ensure progression and that all learners have access to a high quality, engaging English curriculum.

The Curriculum Design is a valuable overview of the knowledge that children are to acquire in each year group in terms of reading, writing, punctuation, grammar, spelling and text types.


Our School Vision:

Our vision is to ensure that every child achieves happiness, emotional and physical wellbeing and the opportunities to develop an understanding of their own spirituality.  Through this vision our children will flourish with kindness as individuals and achieve their best.  All children will grow a lifelong love of learning, a love for others and our world and a love for themselves.


The English curriculum beautifully aligns with our overall school vision because it:

  •  develops the children's spoken language so that they can communicate and express their feelings and emotions.
  • allows our children to listen to, explore and read texts independently that bring them enjoyment and also allow them to learn about new topics, different cultures and help them to shape their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs.
  • promotes a love of reading through our reading spines, Talk4Writing lessons, shared reading, use of the library and celebrations such as World Book Day.
  • gives every individual child the opportunity to be a reader and a writer, equipping our children with toolkits and strategies that encourage them to do their best.
  • provides our children with essential skills that are the cornerstones for all learning and allows them to expand their knowledge across the curriculum and to the wider world which will continue into further education, their careers and will last a lifetime.
  • gives our children the freedom to develop their individual minds as they communicate and express their creativity through the written word.
  • encourages our children to be confident in their reading and writing skills; we celebrate their achievements and promote an encouraging learning environment where the children champion each other in their work.

Contact Us

Head Teacher: Mr Phil Croke
Main Street, Sedgeberrow, WR117UE