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At Sedgeberrow First School, we intend for Design and Technology to be creative and practical. This means we are providing children with the chance to problem solve and develop their own creative ideas; both as individuals and as part of a team. We aim to provide our children with the opportunity to use their imagination to design and make products, within a variety of contexts. This provides the children with motivation and meaning to the learning process.

During their time at Sedgeberrow, the children will be taught a range of skills in mechanisms, textiles, structures, cooking and nutrition. As the children move into KS2, they build on what they know as they are introduced to electrical systems. Whilst developing their skills in any of these areas, we ensure we follow a process of design, make and evaluate. We also incorporate technical knowledge, to support the children in being able to discuss their product and the process confidently.


At Sedgeberrow First School, Design and Technology is a fundamental part of teaching and learning and is covered from Early Years (Reception) through to Year 5.

During their time in Early Years, the children are encouraged to explore and use a range of media and materials. They do this whilst also developing their creativity, imagination and critical thinking skills, in a fun and child led approach.

By designing our curriculum as a team, we are able to ensure that we have progression across all areas, throughout all year groups. It has allowed the class teachers to adapt their teaching around topics, as well as teaching in a solid block (for a whole day or week for example), or over the course of a term/topic to suit the intended outcome. This strategy has been done alongside the National Curriculum to ensure that we offer a well-structured and progressive Design and Technology curriculum across our school.


We aspire to encourage a love of learning at our school and that includes Design and Technology. We intend for our delivery of the subject to encourage our children to develop their creative, design and making skills.

We work with the children to ensure their voice is heard and this is a critical part of our assessment process, whilst also allowing us to reflect upon our own Design and Technology curriculum and any ways that would enable us to continually improve.

By the time our children leave Sedgeberrow School, they will have developed their knowledge of the design and making process and be able to confidentially talk about what they have created. They will have had the opportunities to compare their work with that of pre-existing work and the work of their peers; looking at similarities and differences. This allows them to recognise that there can be different ways to achieve similar outcomes.

Through our hands-on, practical approach to Design and Technology, we aim for our children to leave Sedgeberrow with the knowledge and skills that could inspire them to become chefs, engineers, carpenters, designers, architects and more!




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