Sedgeberrow First School

Kaytie Holdstock - Year 3 Teacher 


Mrs Holdstock teaches in Year 3.  She can regularly be found frowning at faulty computers or making shapes in singing assembly.  She is our enthusiastic art and music bod!

Mrs Kirsty Day - Year 3 Teacher


Mrs Day is our expert in all things green.  When she's not teaching Year 3, she's always on it with the recycling!  Mrs Day is also an unbelievable shot in her brilliant netball team - Netmums.  Slam Dunk!

Mrs Tess Fry - Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fry is the nicest person in the world, you heard it here first!  We are thrilled to be welcoming Mrs Fry into Year 3 this year where she will be busy spreading her general loveliness... she will also still be hard at work behind the scenes are our expert in speech, language and communication.

Mr Reece King - Year 4 teacher

Semi professional football player, finalist in the "New Teacher of the Year" competition, Love Island fanatic... is there no end to Mr King's talents?!  Mr King is looking forward to his move to Year 4 this year and his class are counting themselves lucky to get the "Cool Teacher" two years in a row!! 

Mrs Suzy Wilson - Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wilson is a fantastic TA, she's also the mastermind behind majority of the school's amazing displays!

Miss Nicole Ioannides - Year 5 Teacher 


Miss Ioannides is our very capable and passionate SEND coordinator.  She's also a total nerd with an enviable board game collection!