Mrs Diane Fitzmaurice - Year 1 Teacher 



Mrs Fitzmaurice is so excited to be in Year 1 this year.  She is full of energy and enthusiasm, particularly when she's giving it 100% in singing assembly.  Her actions to the Lighthouse song are a thing of beauty! 


Mrs Amy Daniels - Year 1 Teacher 



Some say she's an actual superhero! When Mrs Daniels is not out fighting crime, she is busy making every day exciting and challenging for the lucky children in Year 1.

Mrs Helen Capaldi - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wendy Milum - Teaching Assistant






Mrs Milum is and experienced teaching assistant who works in Year 1. She is also part of the Morning Club Team that greets children from 8.15 every morning. Mrs Milum is our first port of call for every medical emergency.  She's is always ready for action with her Mr Bump first aid bag. 

Mrs Caron Philpott - Year 2 Teacher 

Mrs Philpott is one half of the Year 2 and the deputy headship team.  She is a bundle of enthusiasm and creativity and is brilliant at getting the best out of everyone around her.  She's a funky diva with a fashion sense to match her personality!

Mrs Natalie Clelland - Year 2 Teacher 

Mrs Kate Gibbons - Year 2 Teaching Assistant



Mrs Clelland is our mindfulness coordinator who is always kind and caring. She is the other half of the Year 2 and the deputy headship team. She's the Ant to Mrs Philpott's Dec... or is it the other way around?! 








Mrs Gibbons is our super duper teaching assistant with a passion for P.E.  You can often see her pounding the streets of Sedgeberrow, keeping super fit for all our amazing sport lessons!

Mrs Mary Smith - Key Stage 1 Intervention Teaching Assistant



Mrs Smith is our straight talking, no nonsense teaching assistant who also has many talents.  She's artistic, theatrical and always good fun to have around... she's also the most incredible cook.  Get her to make you her white chocolate cheesecake... mmmmm!