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World Kindness Day - 13th November

Kindness is right at the centre of everything we do here at Sedgeberrow School. World Kindness day celebrates and appreciates the kindness of those around us as well as reminding us to show kindness in everything we do. We are always encouraging our children to take the time to look for ways to be kind and we would love you to share with us ways in which you have seen this in action. 


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Grace Gardner(about a year ago)

Grace helped her classmate Emily this week after she fell in the playground. She helped Emily wash and dry her knee.

Becky Jackson(about a year ago)

Ella Jackson - Year 4. I think kindness is her middle name :-) At a swimming competition watching her brother - BORING! She shared all of her pens, pencils, books, paper - everything with another little girl who was doing exactly the same thing (watching her big brother swim) but who had left her things at home. The other Mum commented on how truly lovely Ella was. Monday - sweets from birthday boy Leighton at school. Ella shared hers equally with her brother. She always does - in fact she would give her last sweet to Henry.

Hannah Rhodes(about a year ago)

Emma is so loving to her younger brother. This weekend Emma was trying to help Ethan during one of his tantrums, telling him ‘it’s ok Ethan, it will be ok’. Emma is very caring and always worries about other people’s feelings.

Anna McCartin(about a year ago)

On a family walk on Saturday in the rain, Ella-Rose took her sisters hand and said "let me hold your hand so you don't slip and hurt yourself". It was lovely to see one sister being so kind and the other sister gratefully receiving the help.

Sarah Greenwood(about a year ago)

Ava-Grace Greenwood and Tallulah Griffiths have a friendship that’s one of a kind. Never a cross word between them. So supportive, encouraging and kind to each other. They always look after each other and compliment each other. This weekend they went to Ava’s nanny’s together and when collecting them my mum commented on how kind they are to each other and share everything with each other. If everyone had friendships like there’s the world would be a very happy place to be.

Laura Thornley(about a year ago)

When out on scooters Saturday morning my daughter was very concerned about the snails and spent the whole walk avoiding them, scooting around any leaves in case snails were hidden underneath!

Vicky Green(about a year ago)

The Green Boys have been choosing items to fill the T4U shoebox appeal. They hope they will make the children who revive them happy.

Kaytie Holdstock(about a year ago)

My daughter in Reception fell over today. She said: “So many year 4s and 5s came to help me. They were really kind. Actually, they are always really kind to me.” I’m very proud that my daughter goes to a school where the older children take such good care of the little ones.


Have you witnessed one of our pupils showing kindness? Please share your experiences here... We would love to celebrate our children’s efforts in assembly.

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