"The Show"


One of the many jewels in the Sedgeberrow First School Crown is "The Show".  Every year our amazing children put on a breathtaking performance at Pershore Number 8 theatre.  The performance is headed up by our wonderful Theatre Club but every member of our Key Stage 2 classes is involved... all 90 of them!!!


This year's extravaganza was “Wrong Direction” - the ridiculous tale of a failing rock band visited by Elvis and his friends to pave their way to stardom.  Yes, it was a random as it sounds but absolutely magnificent in equal measures.


By popular demand, here are a few videos from the show... please be aware they make very little sense in isolation.  But anyway... enjoy!


I will add to this page as I receive more photos!

The credit sequence at the end of the show celebrating our fantastic cast.

Our incredible choir, each singing their solo accompanied by the marvellous Emily on piano.

Club Tropicana Baby!

It’s close to midnight....

I Want to Break Free! 

Ukulele Club perform Stand By Me

Even Rocky needs a montage!

Year 5’s Stop Animation video to Sledgehammer