Curriculum Overview

We are very proud of our rich and varied curriculum.  Where possible, we try to create exciting and child focused topics to deliver the aims of the National Curriculum in a fun, inspiring and challenging way.  Here is our current Long Term topic plan to give you and idea of what we currently cover.  We are constantly varying and improving though so this probably won't stay current for long!



We follow the reading bands of the Oxford Reading Tree scheme but our shelves are stocked with a wide variety of books covering a huge range of genres, authors and interest.  Reading is an integral part of our English curriculum and we are constantly looking for ways to develop our children's reading through our topic work.


We follow the framework provided by Kangaroo Maths and White Rose to structure the timetable of the maths we teach each year.  As we are lucky enough to have a huge pool of experienced and talented teachers, we then supplement these objectives with our own ideas for delivery.  Every child and every class is different so it stands to reason that our teaching should be too.  We have created a calculation policy to show the methods we teach in each year group, to give our children the best possible handle on all four operations.  Have a look below to get a feel for how calculation is being taught in your child's class.



Phonics is such integral part of the Early Years and Year 1.  We follow the government's systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme  document "Letters and Sounds" and deliver this crucial area of the curriculum in Reception, Year 1 and beyond.


If you have any questions about our curriculum, please speak to the class teacher or one of our subject leads, listed below:


Mrs Megan Williams - Early Years, Spelling and Phonics

Mrs Laura Cook - Science

Mrs Fitzmaurice - English. (Reading and Writing)

Mrs Amy Daniels - Design and Technology and Eco Schools

Mrs Caron Philpott - Maths

Mrs Clelland - Children's Welbeing

Mrs Kaytie Holdstock - Computing, Music, Art, and Assessment

Mrs Kirsty Day - Geography, History and Eco School

Mr Reece King - P.E

Miss Nicole Ioannides - SEND coordinator, G and T and MFL

Miss Rachel Bonny - Religious Education and Play Therapist

Mr Philip Croke - Educational Visits Co, LAC and Safeguarding Lead