Sedgeberrow CofE First School

"The Show"


One of the many jewels in the Sedgeberrow First School Crown is "The Show".  Every year our amazing children put on a breathtaking performance at Pershore Number 8 theatre.  The performance is headed up by our wonderful Theatre Club but every member of our Key Stage 2 classes is involved... all 90 of them!!!


This year's extravaganza was POW! A tenuous take on the Lego Batman movie.  Once again, it was another smash hit.  Every single child in Key Stage 2 shone and the result was pretty spectacular.  We as a staff loved every minute of it; the whole experience was pretty magical.  


By popular demand, here are a few videos from the show... please be aware they make very little sense in isolation.  But anyway... enjoy!

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

 We couldn't be prouder of this one.  The amazing children of our choir, with Mrs Fry's fantastic Ukulele club.  Everything you hear has been created by the children... with a little help from staff.  I defy you not to cry!


 This is how we ended the show.  We felt it was a perfect way to celebrate all of these lovely children that worked so hard all year to create something so special.

Robin Steals the Phantom Zone Projector

I hear Aardman have approached Mrs Holdstock to be part of their animation team... actually, maybe not.


 All great shows start with a black screen...

Chase Scene!

 Robin and Batman are pursued by law enforcement. 

Bat Family defeat the Phantom Zone

 The action starts at 1min 13secs.

Welcome to the Phantom Zone

This video introduces our Phantom Zone villains.  Lava, I do like a bit of Lava!

Cat Walk

Batman and Robin as you've never seen them before!