Sedgeberrow CofE First School


Here is our latest School Newsletter.  Don't forget hard copies are always available at the school office and past letters are all below in our archive.

Diary Dates

 This is our most up to date list of dates for your diary.  Don't forget we also have our School Calendar.

School Newsletter Archive



6th September 2018

Newsletter No.1

Diary Dates 1

20th September 2018 

Newsletter No. 2

Diary Dates 2

 5th October 2018

Newsletter No. 3

Diary Dates 3

 18th October 2018

Newsletter No. 4

Diary Dates 4

 8th November 2018

Newsletter No. 5

Diary Dates 5

 28th November 2018

Newsletter No. 6

Diary Dates 6

 13th December 2018

Newsletter No. 7

Diary Dates 7

 9th January 2019

Newsletter No. 8

Diary Dates 8

22nd January 2019 

Newsletter No. 9

Diary Dates 9

 6th February 2019

Newsletter No.10

Diary Dates 10

 26th February 2019

Newsletter No. 11

Diary Dates 11